It is a mobile modular device with its own pump, drive and hydraulic motor, developed primarily for extreme conditions of water pumping during large-scale floods.




Flood pump HFS - Flood pump is designed for large scale floods. The capacity of up to 20,000 l/min can be achieved in combination with the Hydrosub 60 unit. The pump is mounted in a stainless steel frame that can be removed from the pump, as well as the two floats. The pump can be used without floats and even possibly without a frame under certain circumstances and limited access. Special 12 "hoses with a low coefficient of friction are very light and allow only one person to comfortably prepare them for use. The individual hoses are connected together with a simple connecting tape.

Technical specification  
Capacity: 20.000 l/min by 0,3 bar
15.000 l/min by  0,9 bar
10.000 l/min by 1,4 bar
5.000   l/min by 1.8 bar
0 l/min         by  2.1 bar
Material of pumping unit: Aluminium
Material of impeller: Aluminium
Material of frame: Stainless steel 
Material of hose: 12” PVC with polyester 
Weight: approx. 130 kg 
Output connection: 10” HFS MultiLug coupling
Engine: HydroSub 60

Individual parts of the device
HS60 on a trailer with a connected pump
Pump unit with 2 floats
12“ special light weight hose with a simple strap and tape connector
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