It is a mobile modular device with drive and pump with hydraulic motor designed for long-distance water transport and fire-fighting purposes.




The HydroSub 60 pumping unit consists of a lightweight portable hydraulically driven submersible pump equipped with a float, a 58 kW diesel engine drive, and 30 m hydraulic hoses to drive the submersible pump. The hydraulic drive and hoses allow the pump to access even very difficult water sources. The hydraulic hoses are folded and wound on a winding drum. The control and monitoring panel is located on the side of the device. This ergonomically designed panel uses IQAN technology for easy control of the control unit. All important operating conditions are measured, evaluated and used to automatically control the operation of the device.
The display shows the calculated water flow by the pump. If the measured values are found outside the limits of the permitted minimums and maximums, an alarm message is issued visually and audibly. If the operator does not respond to the message, the device automatically enters a safe mode, where it is still able to operate with high reliability. The system uses internal component diagnostics so that in the event of a sensor fault, the HS900 remains active and uses the default values for the faulty sensor.

Technical specification  
Capacity: 1.000 l/min by 11 bar
1.500 l/min by 10 bar
4.000 l/min by 2,5 bar
(with impeller Hi-flo)
Manipulation:  storage on a trailer,
container with rails
Dimensions: 3730x1950x2300 mm
approx. 1.800 kg
Other: preparation for GSM network
Extension options:
fan 120.000 m3/hr,
Generator 38 kVA,
Flood pump 22.000 l/min
Specification of pump unit HFS  
Material of pumping unit: Aluminium and bronze
Material of impeller: Aluminium and bronze
Material of frame: Stainless steel
Weight: approx. 50 kg
Output connection: 4” clutch Storz or 6” clutch Storz

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